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Switch your home or business to Solar and start saving. Our service includes design, supply, engineering and installation for your home or business Solar PV System.

We are local, only employ locals and are committed to going the extra mile to deliver what we promise.

How much could solar save you?

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3Kw system with 10 panels

5Kw system with 16 panels

6Kw system with 18 panels

6.6Kw system with 20 panels

Estimated cost

$5000 - $7500




Payback the system

Approximately 2-5 years

Approximately 2-5 years

Approximately 2-5 years

Approximately 2-5 years


$1200 per year

Possibly $2000 per year

$2200 savings per year

$2500+ savings per year

This is a guide only, speak to one of our experts for an exact cost.

Your Local Platinum Solar in Rockhampton

256 Denison Street, Rockhampton QLD 4700

Platinum Solar specialise in:

  • Government assistance
  • Batteries
  • System upgrades
  • Domestic systems up to 10kW
  • Commercial systems up to 40kW
  • Solar maintenance and servicing

To ensure your system is designed and installed for your specific needs by fully qualified electricians, give Platinum Solar Rockhampton a call on 07 4927 0020